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NACONEK Quality Policy Statement

The National Council for Nomadic Education in Kenya (NACONEK) is a Semi-Autonomous Government Agency in the Ministry of Education. The Council is dedicated to meeting the educational needs of the Nomadic regions, Pockets of Poverty areas and Urban Informal Settlements in Kenya, by addressing their distinctive social, cultural and economic challenges through a comprehensive multi-sectoral approach. The aim is to empower children within these diverse landscapes, fostering a future where education transcends boundaries and transforms lives.
NACONEK operates a Quality Management System that meets standards, including specific provisions for Technical and Corporate Services. The Council upholds an unwavering commitment to identifying key issues related to Quality Assurance through:
1. Ensuring the fulfillment of client needs and expectations at a standard of excellence that completely satisfies their requirements.
2. Communicating consistently within the Council about the significance of meeting client needs, as well as adhering to all statutory and regulatory requirements.
3. Establishing the Quality Policy and its objectives to ensure full compliance with ISO standards.
4. Conducting periodic management reviews to assess the effectiveness and implementation of the Quality Management System, aligning with the annual ISO audit.
5. Monitoring processes to drive continual improvement, recognizing and preventing non-conformance issues.
6. Ensuring the availability of necessary resources to support our commitment to quality.
The Council will always comply with all the Kenyan Legislation/ Government regulations and regularly review the Quality Policy Statement to ensure its continuing suitability.

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