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About Us

 Background information

The National Council for Nomadic Education in Kenya (NACONEK) was established under Section 94(1) of the Basic Education Act of 2013 and officially launched in May 2015.  NACONEK operates as a SAGA under State Department for Early Learning and Basic Education. However, the process of becoming a body corporate is underway.

NACONEK is a Semi-Autonomous Government Agency (SAGA) under the Ministry of Education. The purpose of establishing the council was primarily to bridge the education disparities, characteristic of the ASAL (purely nomadic) regions, pockets of poverty (within the ASALs) areas and Urban Informal Settlements of Kenya.

The Mandate of the Council as per the Basic Education Act (2013), Section 94 (1), and Sixth Schedule is to:

- 01

  Initiate the development, implementation and review of policies on all matters relating to nomadic education in Kenya;

- 02

Mobilize funds and other resources from various sources for the development of nomadic education in order to support relevant activities of the Council;

- 03

Institutionalize mechanisms for effective coordination, monitoring and evaluation of the activities of agencies involved in the provision of nomadic education;

- 04

Implement guidelines and ensure geographical spread of nomadic education activities and targets for the nomadic people;

- 05

Establish appropriate linkages and partnerships with other participating departments and agencies;

- 06

Determine standards and skills to be attained in schools and institutions within nomadic communities and review such standards from time to time;

- 07

Prepare reliable statistics of nomads and their school-aged children and establish a data bank; and

- 08

Co-ordinate research activities on nomadic education in Kenya.

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